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The Transition Team’s aim is to support young people in school following pro-active placements and permanent exclusion. The team work collaboratively with schools, the family and associated partners to promote the successful inclusion of targeted young people. We aim to explore all aspects of the young person’s needs and develop collaborative pesonalised pathways to enable our young people to access their curriculum and develop appropriate behaviour for learning strategies to ensure that they feel confident within their schol community.

The programme consists of a six week intervention based predominantly at the Reach Centre. This is complemented by a phased personalised transition support package in weeks’ six to twelve and beyond. The team support a flexible, transition programme that meets the individual needs of all young people accessing the programme.

We achieve this by:

  • Offering personalised progammes that are based on the analysis of data, observations and feed back from schools and partner agencies.

  • Building capacity within schools by developing strategies to support a consistent whole school approach to the management of the young person’s behaviour and learning.

  • Supporting and engaging families, schools and partner agencies in the education of young people.

  • Disseminating and demonstrating successful strategies that promote positive behaviour with the young person.

  • Promoting and supporting the work of partner agencies.

  • Developing a flexible, personalised programme to meet the individual needs of our young people through in-class support and one to one tutorial sessions.

  • Monitoring and reviewing progress through in-class support / observations, review meetings and one to one tutorial sessons.

  • Incorporating a rewards system that promotes positive behaviour for learning.

  • Maintaining regular communication with families, school and partner agencies.

The success of the Transition Programme is measured through family / school / partner agency reviews, evaluations and student self-evaluations.

The Tranistion Team are committed to supporting fixed / permanently excluded young people and those ‘at risk’ of permanent exclusions in schools who do not access our Centre based placements. Our service is flexible and we can offer extended support and support on request for ‘at risk’ young people dependant on capacity and wherever possible we will offer guidance and support.


Kelly Tomkinson       Tranistion Co-ordinator

Nadine Wedgwood    Education Support Worker

Sally Hart                 Education Support Worker