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The Outreach Team’s aim is to reduce the number of fixed / permanent exclusions within the City at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

The Outreach Team are committed to providing a pro-active outreach programme to suit the needs of the school, student or group and to build capacity with the City. This will be based upon meetings with staff, the analysis of referral forms, pre-sessional evaluations, staff observations, CPD with school staff and student and parent comments and evaluations.

We are here to provide schools with support, strategies and advice to ensure all young people have a positive and supportive learning experience which promotes success and achievement in their academic, social, moral and personal development.


The Annual Plan details the initial outreach and training requirements of each school for the academic year.  The Plan is put together in the final term of the preceding academic year following a series of informative meetings held at Reach to which all heads and senior leadership teams are invited.


Is an in-depth observation and report on behaviour and consistency within the school. Reach staff will, with collaboration and discussion with Senior Management, observe and discuss behaviour within lessons, consistency and any other issues which are discussed and requested at the initial meeting. They will then produce a Review Document with strengths, areas for development and recommendations for future develoment and Reach support.


An in-depth analysis in relation to specifically identified young people - in collaboration with school staff to identify barriers to learning and to collaborate with staff to overcome them.  Exploring identified behavioural, social and economic factors and implementing strategies to ensure a young person’s continuance of their educational journey.


Reach and it’s Oureach Team are committed to ensuring that we are here not just to support the young people, but the school too.  We are here to advise and support the school to ensure that wherever possible they have the necessary skills to support their young people who are experiencing difficulty and are at risk of exclusion.


Nurture should be an integral part of the educational experience for young people and Reach would like to bring an awareness to schools to ensure we broaden the horizons and life opportunities of our most vulnerable children and young people.


For identified staff to develop their teaching and to increase capacity within the school.

The Right Referral: looking at how to choose an appropriate referral which will enable a young person to have a successful learning journey.

Planning: how to incorporate engagement and behaviour management into planning.

Behaviour Management: form entry to exit.

Monitoring Positive Behaviour: why we should monitor and encourage positive behaviour.

“How to teach the hard to teach": strategies, target setting, rewards.

Safeguarding: how to recognise the signs within a school environment.

How to engage the hard to reach through ICT:

Transition: what you can expect from Reach when a young person returns to yourselves and what we need from you to help that young person flourish.

Restorative Justice: helping to bring those who are harmed or in conflict together with their harmer and helping to repair and move forward in a postive way.  Helping those to take responsibility, understand the harm done and repair and make amends.


A 6 week group based programme of in-school support to identified students to re-engage young people with learning and enable them to reflect upon thier own behaviour and to be more successful in their existing educational setting. CPD for identified staff to develop their teaching and to increase capacity with the school.


A KS4 Centre based 12 week programme of support which supports identified students on their life journey.  This support gives young people coping strategies and aids in their re-engagement with learning which enables them to continue within their existing educational setting.  It is designed for those young people who are displaying inappropriate behaviours, struggling with social interaction or who have low self esteem.  Sessions are split into 2 halves, 1 half group work based encompassing such topics as freindships, bullying, team work, co-operation and emotional self awareness; the other half enriched by outside agencies such as Resolv, Teenage Pregnancy and the School Nurse (Contraception, Breast/Testicular Cancer Awareness, STI’s).


Is offered to KS4 young people who are displaying inappropriate behaviours, struggling with social interaction or who have low self esteem.  The team will develop and disseminate coping strategies, specifically aimed at the needs of the student.  Capacity permitting, this service could be available to KS3 young people as an alternative to Centre placement but this is time limited.


Reach and it’s team provide various support with After School Clubs for young people who are displaying inappropriate behaviours, struggling with social interaction or who have low self esteem.


Working with identified individuals to aid preparation for the transition into mainstream high school.  Work can be completed around friendship groups, resilience and understanding change.


Group Work : bespoke to the needs of the young people

Healthy eating

Peer mentor

Peer mediations

Camping chaos

Sport - football, boxing, kick-boxing, fitness, healthy lifestyles

Self-esteem and image

Emotional regulation

Team building

Communication and co-operation



Restorative justice

Graffiti art


After School Clubs: available for delivery at Reach or where possible at your school (6 week course).

Health Awareness


Sport (badminton, boxing & football)

Art (drawing, painting and sculpture)


Girls/Boys groups


Team building



Graffiti Art

Kick boxing


The Reach Outreach Team are committed to the Reach vision and if you require support, advice or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.  All programmes and support will be tailored to ours and your pupil’s needs and may in consultation involve the use of other services.

At this present moment in time there is no cost for our service.

Outreach support will only be accessed by those pupils or groups that meet ALL referral criteria, as agreed by the respective Collaborative Meetings.

KS3 & KS4 applications can be made at Cluster Meetings as per the Cluster Plan.

However, we can be contacted in the interim and wherever possible, capacity allowing will endeavour to give our support and advice.


Sue Owen         Outreach Co-ordinator / English Teacher

Scott Manifold   Outreach Teacher/ ICT Teacher

Nigel Irvine       Outreach Teacher / English Teacher

Chris Guest       Outreach Support Worker