Key Stage 4

CONTACT: Lorna Matley 01782 881081

At Key Stage 4 Reach offers placements and suport for students who are experiencing difficulties in their mainstream school settings or for who a mainstream placement is deemed inappropriate due to either late arrival in Year 11 or because barriers to learning restrict access to mainstream.

Reach4 offers support to students in Year 10 and Year 11 in a range of forms:

  • Full Time placements - Year 11 only

  • Part Time placements - Year 10 and 11

  • Young Women’s and Young Men’s Groups - 1 afternoon per week

  • Outreach Support - individual targeted support in school for Year 10 and Year 11

  • Training for staff

  • After school clubs


Schools complete a referral form which provides appropriate information on attainment, attendance, behaviour, emotional and social difficulties, agency involvement, views of parents and students and interventions to date.  A representative from schools making the referral is required to discuss the request and answer any questions to ensure that the needs of the young person are met.

Decisions are made as to where and how intervention is targeted using the following guidelines:

  • Placement of students is made before the end of the Spring Term to ensure that examination coursework and exam entry can be completed.

  • Short Term intervention is an appropriate solution; an accredited curriculum is accessible to the young person.

  • The young person is attending school on a full time basis and has an attendance rage of 80% or above.

  • A ‘fair’ allocation / spread of placements is offered across the city.

  • Dynamics within the Centre cohort will always be considered before admission of new students


In the unfortunate event that a Key Stage 4 student is permanently excluded they will be placed at Reach / Alternative Provision within 6 days in line with DofE guidance.


The young person and parents/carers referred for a Reach placement will be invited to attend an induction interview conducted by the Head Teacher and a programme of baseline assessments.

Students & parents/carers will be asked to sign up to Centre Agreements with regard to Centre rules, routines and policies before admission to the Centre.