Key Stage 3

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At Key Stage 3, Reach offers placements to young people from years 7 to 9 across the city that are at risk of or have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school.

Reach 3 provides a continuum of support targeted through fortnightly Planning Meetings.


  • Full Time places - 4 days per week (Pro-active)

  • Full Time places - exclusions

  • Part Time placement - based on need and curriculum focus (maybe negotiable, capacity depending)

  • Flexible Learning opportunities - sessional opportunities (60 -90 minutes slot)

  • CPD training to mainstream school staff - see Outreach information

  • After School Clubs - 1 to 1.5 hour sessions - see Outreach information

In line with DFE guidance on collaboration PRU resource has been delegated to schools / collaborative to ensure that the resource is building capacity within schools and developing practice across the city.

Resources have been allocated in the following way:


The individual schools bring the students they consider to be their priority to the meetings for consideration, advise and intervention. Schools provide the appropriate information on attainment, attendance, behaviour, emotional, social difficulties, agency involvement and the views of parents and students; through the request for intervention forms. Collective decisions are made by the group about how and where the intervention/support is targeted.


Young people accessing the Centre full time will attend for 4 days per week and attend their home school for the remaining day. These young people are dual registered with the home school. The Reach curriculum consists of core national curriculum, ICT, Humanities, with enhanced personalised programmes around Art, CPSHE, Sport & Leisure and Creative Media.

The curriculum is supported through a highly structured and personalised behaviour for learning system and self-reflection opportunities through scheduled tutorials. The young person and their family will visit the Centre and will then follow the full time programme at the Centre for 6 weeks. During week 7 they will start their transition programme and begin the supported journey back into their “origin” school. (See Transition information).


Young people accessing the Centre part time will undertake a personalised curriculum program that is designed to meet their individual needs and interests. All part time programmes are of six-week duration. While accessing these sessions young people will be dual registered between Reach and their home school.

(Full and part time placements usually run on a twelve week cycle - 6 week in Centre and 6 week Transition Programme)


In the unfortunate event that a Key Stage 3 a non statemented student is permanently excluded they will be placed at Reach within 6 days in line with the DFE guidance. This mayaffect the pro-active allocated provision from the excluding school. The Deputy Service Manager works closely with the Admissions team to ensure a smooth and speedy return to mainstream education.


Following collaborative planning decisions and accompanying documentation, young people and their families are invited to tour the Centre, meet the team and discuss their personalised programme. A family contract is drawn for all the young people. Arrangements around assessment, travel and family support will be negotiated and organised during the welcome session. In depth baseline assessment will then follow to ensure that the programme is accessible and tailored to meet the needs of each individual.