Leave of Absence During Term Time

The City Council has as one of its top priorities the raising of pupils levels of attainment in all of our schools and it is clear that improving attendance and reducing levels of persistent absence are most important factors in achieving this goal. This cannot be achieved without your co-operation and while we would like to thank you for the work you have already done we must ask for further support in this crucial area.

We are asking for your support by not taking holidays during term-time.

REMEMBER - The law states that parents DO NOT have an automatic right to take their child out of school in term-time.

Why should’t parents/carers take child out of school during term-time?

  1. There is no substitute for the teaching that will be lost.

  2. Your child will miss important work and may never catch up.

  3. You may be helping you child to establish poor patterns of attendance.

  4. You are putting your child at a disadvantage by adding barriers to their learning.

  5. You will affect your children’s assessments and results from Nursery through to GCSEs.

  6. You are creating more work and pressure for your child and their teachers.

  7. You may be reducing your child(ren)’s career prospects and earnings.

  8. You may disrupt access to specialist support needed by your child.

  9. You are saying that education is not important.

Your child’s education is important; together we can ensure that they achieve their full potential.