Comments about REACH

“The headteacher is inspirational and dynamic.  She leads a substantial team with a wide range of professional experience, which works extremely effectively to tackle all of the problems students face.  Partnerships with secondary schools and parents are strong.”



say about REACH

“Reach brings about a rapid and very postive transformation in students’ attidue to school.  The impact is profound and increases students’ willingness to work hard.  Their achievement is outstanding as a result.”

“Rates of attendance improve dramatically and students arrive each day on time prepared to get on with their schoolwork.”

“From low starting points and in the short time spent at the school, high proportions of students make expected progress and more than expected progress.”

“Students feel safe and contribute significantly to everyone staying safe through their outstandingly good behaviour.”

“I have really enjoyed coming to Reach.  I feel I have learnt a lot and my behaviour has improved massively”.



What Parents/

Students say about




“Reach has helped me in my bahaviour and making new friends, going up in my levels”.

“I am very pleased with my son’s progress and how the staff keep us informed about his behaiour and attitude, which at the moment is mostly postive”.

“Reach is awesome”.

“Reach is brilliant”.



“The change in him during his time at Reach has been incredible, he now enjoys attending school and learning.  Reach has been fundamental in getting him back on track academically”.

“I feel more cared for as a student in a better learning environment.”

“Headteacher and every member of saff at Reach give total commitment, help and support not only to the lucky students that attend here, but also to the parents/carers.  I can not praise them all enough.  Thank you”.

“I am going to focus and get C’s and above in my GCSE’s.”

“He has come on so well since coming to Reach.  He can’t wait to get there and always wants to go before his time.  The staff are great with him”.

“ I have really enjoyed coming to Reach.  I feel I have learnt a lot and my behaviour has improved massively”.

“He has really enjoyed coming to Reach.  They have done a brilliant job with him.  They have listened to and have supported him.”.